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Dear colleagues,


My friend and ex-colleague, Dr. Yinping Yang from Institute of High
Performance Computing (IHPC), Agency for Science, Technology and Research
(A*STAR), Singapore, is visiting the department next Monday, Dec 5, 2011.
You are welcome to attend the following talk. Please disseminate this
announcement to your students who might be interested. 






Talk Title: Can Intelligent Agents Proficiently Negotiate with Humans?
Design Architecture, System Prototype and Empirical Findings (智能系统能与人

Time: 2 PM, Monday, Dec 5, 2011

Venue: SEIEE-03-414

Speaker: Dr. Yang Yinping, Scientist & Independent Investigator, IHPC,
A*STAR (Singapore)



With the growth of the global online marketplace, both leading IT
practitioners (e.g., IBM, HP, Alibaba) and academic communities in
artificial intelligence and e-commerce have started to pay growing attention
to the market potential of agent-based negotiation service. In Singapore,
innovative web services have been identified by IDA as one of the five
Infocomm clusters that offers high growth potential for the nation. My
research program aims to design and develop a type of innovative services
that can be deployed in the web that potentially benefits small and medium
sized enterprises to reap the values of an intelligent agent-based
negotiation service to automate the process of procurement/sales over
multiple business attributes. Software agents offer measurable potential
benefits, including lower opportunity cost, more efficient outcomes, and the
elimination of social-emotional barriers of human decision-making in
handling routine, repetitive transactions.In this 45-minute talk, I will
first introduce the multidisciplinary theoretical models on the topic of
computerized negotiation for online business. An US-patent pending system
prototype will be demonstrated to illustrate the design of agent-based
negotiation strategies with an end-to-end scenario where a software agent
interacts with a human counterpart in negotiation. Findings of three recent
experiments will be presented alongside a discussion on future research
directions. I will also discuss the potential industrial applications and
explore collaboration opportunities with the academic community and industry
in China, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.



Dr. Yang Yinping is a scientist and independent investigator in the
Institute of High Performance Computing, Agency for Science, Technology and
Research (A*STAR), Singapore. She receives her Ph.D. in Information Systems
and Bachelor of Computing (Hons) from National University of Singapore in
2008 and 2003. Dr. Yang’s research interests are agent-based negotiation,
intelligent systems, social networking sites, and economic considerations in
cloud computing. Her research has been published in Journal of Behavior &
Information Technology, Journal of Global Information Management,
International Conference in Information Systems (ICIS), Workshop in
Information Technologies and Systems (WITS), International Conference of
Group Decision and Negotiation (GDN), International Conference on
Human-Computer Interaction (ICHCI), and Hawaii International Conference on
System Sciences (HICSS) and so on. She has also taught a broad range of
business IT subjects such as E-Commerce Technologies, Human-Computer
Interaction, Computing and Society and Introduction to Information
Technologies at School of Computing, National University of Singapore during
2003-2007. Dr. Yang’s research has received a number of prestigious
international awards. Her recent work in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard
Laboratories, entitled “Negotiation as a Service: An Agent-Based
Negotiation Engine for Online Business”, has won Best Prototype Award at
WITS09. Her other research achievements include a Best Paper Award (with Ms.
Cheng Zengyan and Assoc. Prof. John Lim) at the 40th Hawaii International
Conference on System Sciences in January 2009, and a Best Paper Award (with
Assoc Prof. John Lim and Ms. Chen Yao) at the 16th International Workshop in
Information Technologies and Systems, Wisconsin, USA in December 2006. She
has received Dean's Graduate Awards from School of Computing, National
University of Singapore in years 2004 and 2007. Web Profile and Publication





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