[Adapt] Talk: F# Programming Language By Jack Hu from Microsoft

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Thu Oct 20 10:01:27 CST 2011

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Titile: F# Programming Language

Venue: SEIEE #03-404

Time: Monday, Oct 24, 2011, 10 AM


Since F# became a first class language in Visual Studio 2010, it has been
gaining popularity amount the industry and academic communities. In this
talk, we will first look at the F# basic syntax and its value propositions,
through the themes of simplicity, economics and programmer satisfaction.
We'll also take a look at current industry adoptions, who uses F#, why, and
what they gain from it. 

 The majority of the talk will be technical and look at the more innovative
aspects of F# that help to simplify programming. 

- Type-inferred object-oriented programming
- .Net Integration

- Async programming
- Units of measure
- F# 3.0 typeProvider and Query features 



Jack Hu is a Software Design Engineer in Microsoft Visual Studio F# Team.
Since he join Microsoft in 2005, He have participated in the design and
development of Project Designer, VB.net LinQ, VB.net XML literal, Debugging,
and Visual Studio 2010 WPF editor features. Jack obtained his undergraduate
and master degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.



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