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Hi guys,


>From today onwards, we will go back to 03-528 for our seminar. Thanks!





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Hi guys,


In this seminar, I will introduce our work:

Clustering Web Image by Entity Disambiguation



Image search engine returns results in a mixed bag of different entities and
concepts without meaningful ordering or grouping because it doesn't
understand the semantics or recognize the objects in the images. This poses
inconvenience for users who are looking for a particular entity without
knowing the exact right term to search.  We propose a novel framework that
understands the context by disambiguating the terms in the context into the
corresponding concepts from an external knowledge base in a process called
conceptualization. The framework also incorporates any type of visual
signals to complement the text signals in a tri-stage clustering algorithm
which produces better clustering results than state-of-the-art approaches.
In addition, the framework automatically annotates each cluster of images by
its key concepts which allows users to quickly identify the images they


I hope you will enjoy this talk.


Best regards,




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