[Adapt] Weekly meetings

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Thu Feb 9 23:54:00 CST 2012

Hi guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful Chinese New Year and relaxing winter break. School will start next week and so will our regular weekly one-on-one meetings. I suggest that we carry on with our schedule last week which is listed below. However, if you have classes or for any reasons can't make it for the following time, please let me know your available time slots. This semester I teach CS304 every Tuesday and Friday from 10:00-11:45. Our weekly seminar will still be 4 PM every wednesday unless any one of you are against it. The seminar will not start next week but the week after next, that is Feb 22 to give the first speaker some time to prepare.

Existing schedule:

Xinhui: Wednesday 5 PM
Alex, Elva, Jin: Wednesday 3 PM
Zhiyuan, Zheng, Tianwan, Xiaodong: Tuesday 4 PM
Pengcheng, Xinhui: Thursday 11 AM
Zhixian: Wednesday 2 PM
Xiao: Thursday 2 PM
Jack & Franky: used to be Monday 1 PM, change to Thursday 4 PM
Yang and Mengjie: Tuesday 1 PM

Other people not listed please contact me by email.



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