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Hi guys,

Please go to this talk which seems to be quite related to our work, especially those of you who work on information extraction/knowledge discovery.


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Subject: Talk by Professor Jie Wang from University of Massachusetts, USA

 Dear colleagues,
 Prof. Jie Wang from University of University of Massachusetts, Lowell,  USA, is visiting our department on March 15th, 2012. He is the Chair and  Professor of Computer Science at UML, and he will present a talk related  to knowledge network. The following are details of his talk. You are  welcome to attend this presentation. Please also disseminate this  announcement to your students who might be interested.
 Xiaofeng Gao

 Title: Finding Statistical Characteristics and Similarities of  Substructures between Knowledge Networks
 Time: 3:00PM, Thursday, March 15th, 2012

 Venue: SEIEE-03-410

 Speaker: Jie Wang, Chair and Professor of Computer Science, University  of University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA.


 Statistical characteristics of knowledge networks may help reveal  internal structures of knowledge and how knowledge is evolved and  organized. We analyze statistical properties of domain knowledge  networks and show the goodness of fit of double Pareto lognormal  distribution on node degrees. Finding structural similarities between  large inter-domain knowledge networks using computational methods is  expected to facilitate the discovery of new knowledge. We devise an  efficient algorithm using random walkers and time series to identify  structural similarities of sub-networks between inter-domain knowledge  networks. Concepts with similar structures identified by the algorithm  may indicate unknown relationships between them, which may be worth the  effort of domain experts to investigate. Our method can be applied to  large knowledge repository such as Wikipedia. In particular, we devise  an efficient mechanism to extract domain knowledge networks from  Wikipedia, and use it to extract four domain networks, namely,  mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry. We examine these knowledge  networks and list concept pairs with high similarity scores. We present  strong evidence to some of these pairs that they are indeed related.

 This is joint work with Weibo Gong, Zheng Fang, and Benyuan Liu.


 Dr. Jie Wang is Professor and Chair of Computer Science at the  University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA. He is also Director of China  Partnerships under Provost, Director of the University Center for  Network and Information Security, and co-Director of the University  Center for Cyber Forensics. He received his PhD in Computer Science from  Boston University in 1991, Master of Engineering in Computer Science  from Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen) University in 1985, and Bachelor of Science  in Computational Mathematics from Zhongshan University in 1982. His  research interests include computational complexity theory, modeling and  algorithms, network security, and computational medicine. He has worked  as a security consultant in financial industry. His recent research  focus is on network dynamics, knowledge discovery, and wireless sensor  networks. His research has been funded by the NSF since 1991. IBM,  Intel, Google and the Natural Science Foundation of China have also  funded his research. He has published over 150 research papers in some  of the most prestigious journals and conference proceedings. He has  authored and co-authored five books; edited and co-edited four books. He  is active in professional service, including chairing conference program  committees, serving as editor-in-chief or a book series on modeling and  algorithms and as journal editors, and organizing conferences and  workshops.

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