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Hi guys,

I will introduce something about my recent work tomorrow afternoon. The
topic is "A Scheme of Watermarking Algorithm for Digital Vector Map".
Following is the abstract of presentation. Since it is not large enough, I
don't make it an attachment.




Protecting the copyrights of intelligent digital products is an urgent task
around the world. One way to deter piracy
of these products is to make illegal copying very difficult or impossible
by approaches such as encryption. A complimentary
approach is to embed digital watermarks into the those products. In this
research, we analyse the properties of
GIS spatial data such as digital road maps and possible illegal uses of
digital road maps and propose a blind watermarking
approach to protect the copyrighted GIS spatial data. Our approach uses the
local information which is collected by a

modified quadtree model to insert watermarks into the position data in the
GIS spatial data. In this method, the digital

road map is partitioned into a hierarchy structure. Different points in
quadtree model represent different subregions of

the map. The most important feature of our approach is that the illegal
usage of only a small part of GIS spatial data,

which defeats most current watermarking techniques, can be detected.
Finally, we use a real digital map digital road map

as our GIS spatial data set to evaluate our proposed approach.

 Jakcy Jiang* *(*姜凯*)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Department of Computer Science and Technology
No.800 Dongchuan Road,Shanghai,P.R.China
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