[Adapt] Help us to improve automatic string transformation

Xiao Jia stfairy at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 16:35:45 CST 2013

Hi adapters,

In order to better investigate the problem of programming by examples and programming by demonstration, we need your help to manually edit some inputs (given texts) to expected outputs (target texts).

Please go to http://adapt.seiee.sjtu.edu.cn/~xjia/pbd/ and log in with one the following accounts.

Kailang, Yuanfei, Kangqi, Youer, Jack, Xiao, Zheng, Wei, Tianwan, Jacky, Adapter

If you are not in the list, or you want to keep anonymous, please use the Adapter account.
All accounts are case sensitive.

There is no time limit for this test, so you can play with it at any time.


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