[Adapt] Please help me create a privileged user for hadoop installation

Kailang Jiang cqjiangkl at 163.com
Fri Jul 12 14:15:02 CST 2013

Hi adapters,

We are trying to set up hadoop(and also cygwin for windows users) on every computer in our lab.
The installation of hadoop and the start-up of some necessary services like sshd require a user with privilege.

Thus I wish you who have a desktop computer(except for 3399&4489) in lab to help me create an admin user named hadoop on your computer,
and reply the password to me. (For the linux users, please add the user hadoop to the sudoers list)

(Besides, it would be better if your PC allows remote login so that we can work in parallel. 
And if this is convenient for you, please also reply the port number for that)

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