[Adapt] Please help me create a privileged user for hadoop installation

Xiao Jia stfairy at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 18:10:49 CST 2013

ssh hadoop at

- OR -

ssh hadoop at

Port: 22

Password: ADAPTIVE

On Jul 12, 2013, at 2:15 PM, Kailang Jiang <cqjiangkl at 163.com> wrote:

> Hi adapters,
> We are trying to set up hadoop(and also cygwin for windows users) on every computer in our lab.
> The installation of hadoop and the start-up of some necessary services like sshd require a user with privilege.
> Thus I wish you who have a desktop computer(except for 3399&4489) in lab to help me create an admin user named hadoop on your computer,
> and reply the password to me. (For the linux users, please add the user hadoop to the sudoers list)
> (Besides, it would be better if your PC allows remote login so that we can work in parallel. 
> And if this is convenient for you, please also reply the port number for that)
> Thanks,
> Kailang
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