[Adapt] Spring Biking Excursion & Picnic

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Wed Mar 13 09:48:12 CST 2013

Canola is fine but we need to find a place where we can sit down and have
our picnic lunch. A park will be good. After lunch we can bike to the
seaside. You know at the end of Fengxian is the sea…




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Hi, Kenny, 

I think the most of the peach farms are in Pudong, which are far from us. As
a result, I think the Canola is OK for us.

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Thanks for the work! The peach flower trip in Nanhui seems a bit far. 20-30
KM of bike ride is about the right distance. Do they have a peach farm
nearer to us, like around 大团 area?




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Hi, All, 


Here is some information & rough route of Canola blossom & Peach flowers, u
can take it as reference and think about which is u better choice. 


2)       Canola blossom in Fengxian


内嵌图片 1

3)       Peach flowers in Nanhui


内嵌图片 2


2013/3/9 Kenny Zhu <kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn>

Hi guys,


Spring is in the air! I propose to organize a one-day biking trip + picnic
in the country either next weekend or the weekend after next. I suggest the
following destinations:


1)       Cherry blossom at Shanghai Botanic Garden (Long Wu Road, Minghang)

2)       Canola blossom in Fengxian 

3)       Peach flowers in Nanhui 


Everybody who has a bike is welcome. I will pay for the food and beverage
and you pay for entrance ticket (if any). 

Please vote for any of the above destinations and you can also welcome to
suggest other places. 

Jack will be the chief organizer for this trip. We will decide where to go
by our seminar next week.







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