[Adapt] [ADAPT][Seminar] Labeling Documents with Timestamps

Jack Sun jacksunwei at gmail.com
Tue May 14 14:26:45 CST 2013

Hi, Adapters,

I will take on this week's seminar and present a paper titled *Labeling
Documents with Timestamps: Learning from their Time Expressions*. It is a
new paper of 2012, which is published in 50th Annual Meeting of the
Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL).

Below is the ABSTRACT.

Temporal reasoners for document understanding typically assume that a
document’s creation date is known. Algorithms to ground relative time
expressions and order events often rely on this timestamp to assist the
learner. Unfortunately, the timestamp is not always known, particularly on
the Web. This  paper addresses the task of automatic document timestamping,
presenting two new models that incorporate rich linguistic features about
time. The first is a discriminative classifier with new features extracted
from the text’s time expressions (e.g., ‘since 1999’). This model alone
improves on previous generative models by 77%. The second model learns
probabilistic constraints between time expressions and the unknown document
time. Imposing these learned constraints on the discriminative model
further improves its accuracy. Finally, we present a new experiment design
that facilitates easier comparison by future work.



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