[Adapt] Labeling of Image Conceptualization

赵凯祺 kaiqi_zhao at 163.com
Wed May 15 16:59:52 CST 2013

Hi adapters,

To make the labeling work easier, I divided the queries in to 4 groups, each group 10 queries:
G1: acrobat, adam, amazon, anderson, andrew appel, apple, arthur morgan, bean, british india, carrier
G2: champion, eclipse, emirates, explorer, focus, friends, jaguar, jerry hobbs, jobs, kiwi
G3: lotus, malibu, morgan, nut, palm, patriot, perfume, pluto, polo, santa fe
G4: shell, sigma, studio one, subway, taurus, tick, tucson, venus, visa, wilson

Please label the queries in the group assigned to you.
G1: Youer, Jacky, Edward
G2: Kangqi, Zheng, Yilong
G3: Xiao, Tianwan, Pengcheng
G4: Jack, Wei, Elva

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