[Adapt] Wei Wang's talk today at 10 AM!

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Wed Jan 15 07:42:23 CST 2014

Dear all,

Please attend Prof. Wei Wang's talk in Room 528 at 10 AM this morning. Group lunch after the talk!



Title: Error-tolerant Query Autocompletion

Venue: SEIEE-03-528

Time: 10AM, Wednesday, Jan 15, 2014


Query autocompletion is an important feature in many search
applications saving users many keystrokes and preventing issuing wrong
queries. In this talk, we focus on the problem of query autocompletion
that tolerates errors in users’ input using edit distance constraints.
We present two solutions to this problem, with different tradeoffs
between space and query efficiency. The first solution builds a trie
for all the variants of the database strings and performs incremental
enumeration of query's variants. The second solution identifies and
maintains the minimum number of intermediate results to maintain
during the query processing, while aided by an automaton that
characterizes the computation of edit distance. Both methods achieves
substantial speed-ups against the state-of-the-art methods.


Dr. Wei Wang is an Associate Professor (Reader) in the School of
Computer Science and Engineering, The University of New South Wales,
Australia. His current research interests include keyword search on
(semi-)structured data, similarity query processing, high dimensional
indexing, and spatial databases. He has published over ninety research
papers in these areas, with many in premier database journals (TODS,
VLDB J, and TKDE) and conferences (SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE, and WWW). More
information can be found at his homepage at:
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