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Bean accept ~ (>^ω^<)

At 2014-03-22 11:16:35,"Jack Sun" <jacksunwei at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi, Adapters & Graduated Adapters, 

Kenny offer a pretty idea to go outing. The time is currently set to be March 29th (Next Saturday). The location is called "浦江森林公园". You can Google it. If it is sunny and the temperature is around 20℃, we will go on that day. 

Now I would like you guys to confirm whether you can come. Please reply this email to both jacksunwei at gmail.com and adapt at cs.sjtu.edu.cn , which means "REPLY TO ALL". The template is as below: 

Name+Decline+Reason (if possible)

Thanks for corporation. 


Jack Sun (孙伟)
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