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方文静 fangwenjing_scu at 126.com
Wed Nov 5 03:13:25 CST 2014

Hi all,

Today, I'll give a talk about beam dependency parsing which employs beam-search into graph-based parser and transition-based parser. This talk is based on my first talk about dependency parsing. Because of the time limit, I may not mention too much about the content of that talk and focus on beam. Maybe this topic is a little bit theoretical and hard to follow, but I'll try my best to get the idea across. Dependency parsing is a fantastic task and important fundamental in NLP, hope you enjoy this talk.
For better understanding, I attach my talk about dependency parsing and the beam parsing paper and you can read in advance.
See you as usual, 4 pm, room 3-528.
(Sorry for missing the attachment in last email...)

Cheers, :)


Wenjing Fang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
No.800 Dongchuan Road,Shanghai,P.R.China(200240)
Tel: 15021155538
Email: littlebeanfang at sjtu.edu.cn

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