[Adapt] [seminar]Named Entity Recognition and Domain Adaptation

张佳妮 luckystaremma at 163.com
Wed Nov 26 14:18:44 CST 2014

Hi Adapters,

        It seems that my Gmail failed to send the announcement yesterday AND today......

        Today I'll give a talk about Named Entity Recognition and Domain Adaptation. To be specific, the talk will go through four sequence classifier models: Maximum Entropy Classifier, Hidden Markov Models, Maximum Entropy Markov Models and Conditional Random Fields. And at last, I will give a brief introduction to Domain Adaptation, which is an important problem in natural language processing due to the lack of labeled data in novel domains.

        The attachment is the PPT for the seminar. Hope it could give a reference to the topic.

        See you at 4 pm in room 3-528 ^_^


Jiani, ZHANG

seminar.pdf (20.43M, 2014年12月26日 14:17 到期)
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