[Adapt] Karaoke Time !

方文静 fangwenjing_scu at 126.com
Mon Oct 27 21:47:55 CST 2014

Dear adapters,
Big news for singing fans~Let's get together to sing songs tomorrow(10.28) ! 
We will go to Tiny Karaoke on the fourth floor of Guangbiao Building and schedule the time from 7:00-9:30, it would be better if you can bring board games cards.
If you want to join us but don't know the place , just call me.(tel: 15021155538)


Wenjing Fang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
No.800 Dongchuan Road,Shanghai,P.R.China(200240)
Tel: 15021155538
Email: littlebeanfang at sjtu.edu.cn
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