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Hi Adapters,

Our seminar will take place tomorrow at 4pm in room 3-528. Besides Gong Yu, I’ll also give you a talk about the “Similarity Search for Scientific Workflows”, which is a paper of VLDB2014.
With the increasing popularity of scientific workflows, public repositories are gaining importance as a means to share, find, and reuse such workflows. As the sizes of these repositories grow, methods to compare the scientific workflows stored in them become a necessity, for instance, to allow duplicate detection or similarity search. Scientific workflows are complex objects, and their comparison entails a number of distinct steps from comparing atomic elements to comparison of the workflows as a whole. This paper proposed a framework that contained all methods implemented before by others and made available a gold standard of over 2000 similarity ratings contributed by 15 workflow experts on a corpus of almost 1500 workflows and re-implementations of all methods they evaluated.
This is an interesting topic, and I hope everyone can enjoy this talk!




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