[Adapt] [High pri] Clean up of Galaxy HDD!

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Mon Aug 10 14:59:20 CST 2015

Hi guys,


It's time for us to clean up data on Galaxy again. The following directories
either consume a lot of space or are not being actively used. If you are the
owner or someone who uses the data in these directories, please email me and
Kangqi by the end of tomorrow. Otherwise, we may remove the data after that.




21G     /home/menglu

32G     /home/yilong

27G     /home/xjia

11G     /home/qyliu

5.0G    /home/alex

3.6G    /home/ed

44G     /home/yiliu

65G     /home/kaiqi

128G    /home/e1va

36G     /home/kailang

38G     /home/jenny

29G     /home/bean

529G    /home/kangqi

66G     /home/gongyu

140G    /home/fs

29G     /home/zzx

79G     /home/jia

11G     /home/luckyvega

62G     /home/keyang

55G     /home/albert

78G     /home/jack

89G     /home/xusheng

362G    /home/yuchen

219G    /home/jinyi

5.7G    /home/pc660

52G     /home/bob

767G    /home/jessie

2.5G    /home/fan

27G     /home/pei


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