[Adapt] Welcome back to 2nd Semester and Registration of EI326

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Wed Feb 25 17:15:27 CST 2015

Dear ADAPTers,

Happy Lunar New Year! Wish you all had a great holiday! Please pay attention
to the following notice.

Mar 2 will be the first day of the semester and our seminar will begin on
that week. Because I'm teaching on the 8-9th period on Wednesday, I will
shift the our group seminar to 5 pm on Wednesday, tentatively in the same
room (Room 528). Your attendance is compulsory. See you there next week!

Also, our weekly one-on-one meetings will resume next week starting Monday.
All the existing schedules will stand, unless you need to change due to the
clash with your classes, in which case, please email me to let me know your
preferred slots.

I will be the instructor of EI326 工程实践与科技创新Ⅲ-G next semester. As I
mentioned a month ago, the course is currently under-enrolled. So I urge you
to register to this course from now (if the system is open) till the first
week of the semester. Your support is very much appreciated!!

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you!


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