[Adapt] Talk on graph processing

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Mon Jul 6 07:12:31 CST 2015

Hi guys,


Please go to this talk this afternoon!




Title: Scalable Processing of Big Graphs

Speaker: Xuemin Lin, UNSW

Time: 2 PM, Monday, July 6

Venue: SEIEE-03-410

Abstract: Graphs are very important parts of Big Data and widely used for
modeling complex structured data with a broad spectrum of applications such
as biochemistry, bioinformatics, web search and social network, road
network, etc.  Over the last decade, tremendous research efforts have been
devoted to many fundamental problems in managing and analyzing graph data.
In this talk, I will present our recent series work in developing scalable
techniques for processing primitive graph operators.  


尔士大学的首席教授--- Sciential Professor。林学民教授长期从事数据库理论、算
法与技术研究,  主要工作领域是时空数据和流数据的查询、图和文本的匹配查询、不
确定数据的概化查询及图数据可视化等。林学民教授曾是顶级期刊ACM Transactions
on Database Systems 的编委(Jan 2008- Jan 2014)。目前是顶级期刊IEEE
Transactions on Knowledge and  Data Engineering 的副主编(Associated Editor
in Chief),并多次应邀担任SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE, KDD  等顶级会议的程序委员。近
年来在数据库等相关领域的顶级国际学术会议(SIGMOD,VLDB,KDD,ICDE,  SIGIR)
与国际顶级期刊(ACM TODS,VLDB J,IEEE TKDE 等)上共发表了100余 篇学术论文
(15 X SIGMOD,17 X VLDB,33 X ICDE, 4 X SIGIR,1 X KDD, 1 x IJCAI论文,16 X
IEEETKDE,10 X VLDB journal, 5 X ACMTODS)。林学民教授累计在数据库领域重要的
国际学术会议和国际学术期刊发表并录用了240 余篇论文,其中 14 篇国际会议优秀论
文奖(Best Student Award)和被列为国际顶级刊物IEEE TKDE 2011年12月份的
Spotlight Paper;在时空数据实时连续监控查询方面的科研成果被分别评为国际顶级
会议ICDE’10和ICED’12上的优秀论文(One of the Best Papers);在文本数据质量
管理方面的科研成果被评为国际顶级会议SIGMOD’11 上的优秀论文(One of the Best
Papers)。 他于2010年入选国家第四批“千人计划”。


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