[Adapt] Be a GREEN ADAPTer!

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Fri Jul 17 12:32:51 CST 2015

Dear ADAPTers,


FYI, the ADAPT lab used over 8,500 kwh of electricity last year. This is a
rather large amount of energy compared to an average household. I would like
to hereby remind you to abide by the following rules to save energy:


1)      Avoid using air-con when the outside temperature is less than 26 deg

2)      ALWAYS set the thermometer of the air-con to above 26 deg Celsius;

3)      Keep windows and door closed while the air-con is on;

4)      Turn lights and AC off when nobody is in the room;

5)      Turn the monitor off when you are away from your computer. 


Let’s all try to be GREEN!





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