[Adapt] Please donate invoices and tickets

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Wed Nov 4 21:10:32 CST 2015

Dear ADAPTers,


Please help ADAPT by donating unused invoices (Fapiao) issued within the
last 12 months:


1) Shanghai Mass transit top-up receipts (not single trip receipts)

2) train/air tickets to or from Shanghai (official itinerary for air

3) official invoices from restaurants (title must be "Shanghai Jiao Tong

4) official invoice from hotel accommodations (title must be "Shanghai Jiao
Tong University")

5) official of purchase of IT products/office supplies/books (under 1000RMB,
title must be "Shanghai Jiao Tong University")


Please pass these invoices to Jessie.





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