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If you are not available then, please also let us know your preferred time, thanks!


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Hi All,

Congratulations to you guys successfully graduated, and hope everything goes well in your future llife!

We are planning a group activity on July 3rd afternoon, after graduation ceremony. And Kenny will host a Farewell Dinner with us in the evening.

Currently, we have several choices for the activity, each of them will last for around 3 hours:
    [KTV] We plan to have a Karaoke at FreePort(自由港), join us if you wanna show your crazy voice! (Don't be shy, we are leaving the campus soon XD)
    [BBall] We plan to play basketball in the campus court beside 华联. Basketball is one of ADAPT traditional sports, nothing about competition, but just for fun!
    [ABG] We plan to host a board game at 光彪楼. Hope you guys still remember the good time of playing 狼人杀 at our last Putuo journey, and so glad that Kenny also loves the game ( ̄▽ ̄) 
    [RB] We plan to play Room Break(密室逃脱) somewhere in Shanghai (no farther than Xuhui District). Yuchen is so good at this game and she successfully host it once at last semester, it feels so good to have a brainstrom there!

Now we need to vote the most preferred activity to take part in. For all of you (Kenny, undergrad & grad students), please reply this email to me(luo.kangqqi at qq.com) and Adapt(adapt at cs.sjtu.edu.cn) to show your vote!
Here's the format:
Name:[      ]
Activity: [        ,       ] (Please fill in at most 2 activities from KTV / BBall / ABG / RB described above)

Please reply this email before 1pm, July 2nd so that we have enough time for possible arrangements, thank you so much!

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