[Adapt] [Seminar] An introduction to Declarative Bayesian Inference on Spark

裴嘉聆 peijialing at sjtu.edu.cn
Tue Nov 22 18:23:18 CST 2016

Dear Adapters,
    Tomorrow I will give an introduction to our paper: Declarative Bayesian Inference on Spark. The Apache Spark stack has enabled fast large-scale data processing. Despite a rich library of statistical models and inference algorithms, it does not give domain users the ability to develop their own models.We thus propose, InferSpark, a declarative Bayesian inference framework on top of Apache Spark. Efficient Bayesian inference can be easily implemented in this framework and inference process can leverage the distributed main memory processing power of Spark.
    See more for Apache Spark: http://spark.apache.org 
    Let's meet at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow at room 3-528.     

Jialing Pei
IEEE Honor Class, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
E-mail: peijialing at sjtu.edu.cn <mailto:peijialing at sjtu.edu.cn>

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