[Adapt] [Seminar] Three opportunities for innovation in virtual reality

Xiao Jia stfairy at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 11:08:37 CST 2016

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow afternoon I will give a talk on virtual reality at 4:30pm, 3-528.

Virtual reality (VR) has gained tremendous momentum in the past few
years, due to various reasons including price drops of LCD and
sensors, and increasingly powerful CPUs and GPUs.  At present
consumers can even buy high-quality VR devices for just about

Based on long-term observation and analysis, we identified three
opportunities for innovation in VR for the years to come, which can be
categorized as inputs, outputs, and systems.  In this talk, I will
discuss some of the problems to solve, and propose possible solutions
to them, which are related to several fields of research, including
human-computer interaction, computer graphics, voice recognition,
computer vision, wireless networks, deep learning, and operating

BTW I will give a Chinese version of this talk tomorrow morning at
10:00am 3-414 as well.


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