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Fri Oct 27 21:58:08 CST 2017

Please just ignore this email, if you have already told me that you can't go with us.


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主题: [Adapt] Adapt Autumn Outing Plan ---- 朱家角

Hi Adapters,

We have got 15 positive votes from:
PhD: Kenny, Kangqi, Jessie, Yi, Yizhu, Shanshan,
Grad: Yuchen, Xusheng, Yuding, Haijun, Kelsey,
Undergrad: Bran, Dean, Fengli, Vanessa
朱家角:11 votes
洛阳:10 votes
南京:6 votes

Due to Kenny is only available at the next next week, so we come up with the final plan: Riding to 朱家角 at Nov 11-12.
FYI, 朱家角 is located at the west of 松江, and it takes around 4~5 hours for us to ride there. Since we have the riding experience before, the distance would be acceptable, don't worry~

For all ADAPTERS, please reply this email to me, and let me know whether the schedule is OK for you.
I suggest to set aside your time from Nov. 10th afternoon to Nov. 12nd evening, in case of the potential adjustments.

Best Regards,

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主题: Adapt Autumn Outing Plan ---- Voting Phase

Hi Adapters,

Our autumn outing of this semester is coming up! Now let's discuss our travel plan, and hopefully we can enjoy the journey within two weeks!

Currently we have three optional destinations: 南京,洛阳,朱家角。
If we go to 南京 or 洛阳, it's probably to be a 3-day-2-night schedule: leave SH on Friday evening, and start to return on Sunday evening.
If we go to 朱家角, the 2-day-1-night trip is more interesting: we all RIDE TO THERE on Saturday, and return back on Sunday. (Mountain bicycle renting is available in the campus)

1. Kenny will cover our train/bus tickets and hotel expenses. The remaining cost (including tickets of tourist attractions, daily meals and local transportations) would be self supported.
2. ALL ADAPTERS are welcomed! Meanwhile, graduated students hold a higher priority, if there has major time conflict, or if we are out of head counts.
3. Please don't forget to bring your Student ID for the potential discount, and also consider preparing a fake undergrad student ID via 淘宝, if necessary XDDDDD.

For all ADAPTERS, please fill in the following form and reply the email to me (luo.kangqi at qq.com) before 6pm, 25 Oct, this Wednesday.

Willing to join us (Y/N):
Preferred destination (多选,南京,洛阳,朱家角): 
Preferred weekend (多选,本周末,下周末,下下周末):

Thank you so much, and wish a wonderful trip in advance!

Best Regards,
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