[Adapt] Our Github repo for code and data

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Tue May 8 13:56:51 CST 2018

Dear ADAPTers,


ADAPT has a new Github repo to publish our project code and data. It is
located: https://github.com/adapt-sjtu 

Note that this repo is not for internal project development, which is
currently support by our own svn server. Rather it is for the public release
of our source code and data, that is supposed to accompany published papers.

Currently, it's hosting the projects for our WNUT and ACL papers.


>From now on, for each publish paper, please open up a new project under this
Github organization and store the relevant source code the data there. To
use this repo, you must first have a Github account and then email me or
Frank your Github account and we will add you to adapt-sjtu so that you can
add your own project.





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