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Wed Oct 10 00:11:52 CST 2018

Hi Adapters:
 In this weekly seminar, I will go on talking about event extraction. Event is a semantically rich information block, more complex than entity, and relation. Event extraction task includes two subtasks: identifying triggers and arguments in given text and typing them with predefined event types and corresponding argument types. 
 However, previous supervised event extraction methods can't be applied to new event type without extra annotation effort. In this seminar, I will introduce one zero-shot framework,  presented in paper: Zero-Shot Transfer Learning for Event Extraction, trying to handle this problem.

Time:17:00 October 10
   Venue: SEIEE 3-517A
   Best regards,

Master Student
Computer Science and Engineering Dept.
School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
800 Dongchuan Road,
Shanghai, China 200240
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