[Adapt] Welcome back to Spring, 2019

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Thu Feb 21 13:11:40 CST 2019

Dear ADAPTers,

I hope you all had a wonderful winter break and memorable Chinese New Year holiday! Next Monday will be the first day of semester. Let’s get back to work! Our group seminar will resume next Wednesday. For this semester, the venue will be 03-414 and the time remains 5 pm. Please be there at least 5 mins before schedule. For presenters, please set up your presentation at least 10 mins before hand. Yizhu will distribute a blank time table for you sign up your talks as usual. Every PhD student must present at least twice this semester and every masters at least once. Undergrad students are encouraged to present as much as possible, too. 

Thanks and see you next week!


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