[Adapt] Seminar

顾钰仪 guyuyi at sjtu.edu.cn
Tue May 7 22:47:32 CST 2019

Hi Adapters, 

I will talk about paper "‘Lighter’ Can Still Be Dark:Modeling Comparative Color Descriptions" which is one of the best short papers accepted by ACL 2018.  

In this paper, they propose a novel paradigm of grounding comparative adjectives within the realm of color descriptions. They introduce a new methodology for transforming labeled color data into comparative color
data, and propose a simple but effective learning model that is able to accurately modify unseen colors and comparatives. The model is the first step towards fine-grained object recognition through comparative descriptions, providing a way to utilize relational descriptive text.

Time: 17:00 May 8 
Venue: SEIEE 3-414 


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