[Adapt] Welcome back to the new acad year!

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Mon Aug 31 13:11:22 CST 2020

Dear ADAPTers!


The year 2020 is deemed to be remembered. Too much has happened and I hope
you all are healthy and lively. Finally we are able to get back together to
meet in classes and seminars. I can wait to see you guys!


This year sees three new official members to the group: Zitong Li (PhD
candidate), Zhiling Zhang, Zelin Zhou and Yuye Zhu (all MSc candidates).
Welcome to the ADAPT family, even though Zhiling has been around for quite a
while! Our week group seminar will resume next Wednesday , 9/9/2020, from
4:30 PM to 6 PM. The venue now needs to be booked 4 weeks in advance, and
for now I have booked 414 as usual. Our format will remain the same: two
0.5-hr talks each followed by QAs and discussions. Please try to talk about
your own work (especially you got papers published or in submission), or
talk about a tutorial of a common interest. @Yizhu, please arrange to have
our members sign up for the slots (PhD twice, masters once at least) by this


I also propose that we be more active in sports and recreations this new
acad year. More Ping Pongs, basketball, soccer, swimming, come what might! 


Looking forward to seeing you soon!



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