[Adapt] Getting back to work (remotely for now)

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Fri Feb 7 00:10:11 CST 2020

Dear ADAPTers,

I hope this email finds all of you in good health!

Due to the Wuhan coronavirus and the lock-down, we are having probably the longest and most boring winter break in our lives. So instead of watching TV at home everyday, I suggest that we get back to research work (remotely from home) starting next week (Feb 10). Because I’m teaching next semester (Monday and Friday afternoon), I adjusted our previous schedule a little. Below is the tentative schedule for every active member of ADAPT:

Angel: Mon 9 am, Thu 1 pm
FAQ team: Mon 10 am, Wed 3 pm
Xiaoqing: Mon 11 am
Shanshan: Mon 4 pm, Thu 3 pm
Eve: Tue 10 am, Thu 11 am
Yizhu: Tue 11 am, Thu 2 pm
Clarification team: Tue 1 pm, Thu 4 pm
Active Team (Yuyi & Eve): Tue 2 pm
Zilu: Tue 3 pm
Paveen: Tue 4 pm
Hongru: Tue 4:30 pm
Roy: Wed 10 am
Zitong: Wed 1 pm
Kiwi: Wed 2 pm
Sansa: Thu 10 am

If any of you can’t make it or have any clashes with the above schedule, please contact me for re-arrangements. Otherwise, let’s adhere to this schedule and do some kick-ass work!



P.S. Don’t forget to help your mom with home chores during the break!

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