[Adapt] [Seminar] Psychology Meets ML —— A Case Study of Personality Theory

章志凌 blmoistawinde at sjtu.edu.cn
Tue Oct 12 20:23:15 CST 2021

Hi Adapters,
The distinct traits of each person, e.g. personality, is a long-lasting interesting problem. Multiple psychological theories have been established to describe our personality and predict their effects on our behaviors. Recent progress in machine learning also enables massive automatic personality identification, so that more personalized services can be provided based on users' traits. However, some theories fail to serve these purposes, and are criticized as pseudo-science. 

I'm recently working on a project at the intersection of psychology and machine learning (online depression detection), and I'm also a fan of psychology. During my research and extra readings, I find it interesting that ML and psychology are closely related. Therefore, I'd like to share a cross-discipline talk with you. In this talk, "Psychology Meets ML —— A Case Study of Personality Theory", I will cover:

1. What are the most famous personality theory? (psychology)
2. How can we check if a psychology test is reliable? (psychometrics/statistics)
3. How can we predict personality massively and utilize them in real world applications? (ML)

Hope you will get interested and learn something.

Time: Wed 4:00pm

Venue: SEIEE 3-414


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