[Adapt] [seminar]An end-to-end, transaction-based dialog system

王绪凯 wangxukai at sjtu.edu.cn
Tue Oct 19 21:58:21 CST 2021

Hi Adapters,

This week, I will give you a talk about a paper accepted by ACL2021 named “TicketTalk: Toward human-level performance with end-to-end, transaction-based dialog systems”

In this paper, the authors present an end-to-end approach to transaction-based dialog systems that performs at near-human levels in terms of verbal response quality and factual grounding accuracy. They implement a new approach to end-to-end dialog systems by combining utterances and structured API calls into a unified text-to-text format. In this way, they can leverage general purpose text-to-text transformers to train models. When compared with more traditional, modular system architectures, their end-to-end approach should significantly reduce design and engineering time and resources needed to build task-based dialog systems.

Hope you enjoy it!

Time: Wed 4:00pm
Venue: SEIEE 3-414

Xukai Wang

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