[Adapt] [Seminar] A Brief History of DeFi

Junjia He edfward at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 19:04:14 CST 2021

hi Adapters,

my name is Junjia He and was Kenny's student back in 2012-2014. I'm super pumped to give the first ADAPT talk of this semester talking about decentralized finance and its implications on the blockchain world.

a little bit of myself: after graduation in 2014 I went to CMU for a master's degree, then joined Uber in bay area for 2 years before I moved to my current company called QuarkChain working on blockchain's layer 1 scaling solutions. last year part of our focuses pivoted to defi/dapps and I was leading an eng team building defi on top of existing layer 1/2 infrastructure, thus would like to shed some light on this field which I assume many of you may not have learned a lot even though it had been a whirlwind of the industry since the beginning of this year.

look forward to seeing you all!

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