[Adapt] [ADAPT Group Seminar] A Framework for Personalized Apparel Recommendation

Li Wei liwei606 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 23:12:39 CST 2012

Hey guys,

Do you feel it is time-consuming for you to pick a suitable item in the
e-commerce systems today with plenty of items on the websites?

Tomorrow I will show you *a framework for personalized apparel
recommendation system* which can help to relieve the picking burden for
individuals with recommendations.

I will mainly talked about the following aspects:

   - Why this framework is useful
   - How do we divide the problem into subproblems
   - How do we quantify subproblems and solve them
   - Conclusions and future work

This work is carried out by three membems of our lab: *Xiao Jia, Edfward He*and
*me* !

I hope you can enjoy it:)



Wei Li
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