[Adapt] [Seminar Topic]Who's Watching TV? An algorithm for analyzing TV viewing sequence.

Zheng Wang wangzhdemail at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 21:07:40 CST 2012

Hi All,

In this week's seminar, I'll report the research progress of our TV viewing
sequence analyzing algorithm.

Below is a brief introduction to this topic:
TV is usually watched by a group of people and TV program service provider
collects viewing history from a single
TV. It’s important and interesting to know how many persons is in front of
TV and who’s watching the TV now. In this seminar, I'll introduce a novel
and efficient algorithm to discover who’s watching TV and how many persons
in front of TV from TV watching sequence. Experimental results show that
our algorithm works efficiently and effectively.

And Attachment is a draft paper for this topic where you could find more
Look forward to your attendance!

Best Regards,

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