[Adapt] [ADAPT Group Seminar] Coreference Resolution

Zhao Yilong berzjackson at gmail.com
Tue May 7 20:39:13 CST 2013

Hi Adapters,

It' Yilong again.
Tomorrow, I'm gonna present tutorial on Coreference Resolution.

Coreference Resolution refers to the problem of identifying the set of noun
phrases that are referring to the same real-world entity in a given text
document. It is a fundamental building block for NLP tasks that handle text
beyond sentence-level and a supporting tool for NLP tasks that focus on
entities. I will introduce three classic supervised methods which form the
basis for all state-of-the-art methods that are developed more recently. I
will then talk about an unsupervised method which is the one that is used
in the Stanford CoreNLP tools.
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