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潘超 pc5090309798 at gmail.com
Wed May 8 16:01:44 CST 2013

Hi YIlong:
I can't go to the meeting.
However, I am interested in your topic.
Since I am using this tool, too.
Can you send me your ppt?


2013/5/7 Zhao Yilong <berzjackson at gmail.com>

> Hi Adapters,
> It' Yilong again.
> Tomorrow, I'm gonna present tutorial on Coreference Resolution.
> Coreference Resolution refers to the problem of identifying the set of
> noun phrases that are referring to the same real-world entity in a given
> text document. It is a fundamental building block for NLP tasks that handle
> text beyond sentence-level and a supporting tool for NLP tasks that focus
> on entities. I will introduce three classic supervised methods which form
> the basis for all state-of-the-art methods that are developed more
> recently. I will then talk about an unsupervised method which is the one
> that is used in the Stanford CoreNLP tools.
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