[Adapt] [Adapt Seminar] Cookieless User Tracking with Browser Fingerprint

Yuanfei Zhu stranbird at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 11:23:26 CST 2013

Hi all,  

In today’s seminar, I’ll talk about Cookieless User Tracking with Browser Fingerprint.

User Tracking is a critical engineering problem in the internet industry. The traditional way is to use cookies as the user_id. But recently, due to the rising concern of privacy issue, it’s getting more difficult to track user by this way. New tracking methods which don’t need cookies support are proposed.  

I will focus on one of them, which is Browser Fingerprint, that can re-identify browser sessions using various features getting from browser. I’ll show how great this simple approach can perform.

If the time is enough, I’ll show you another even more powerful mechanism to achieve the same goal with live demo and explanations, which is call ETag Cookies Respawning.

This topic should be easy and fun to follow, I hope you all enjoy it.  

Yuanfei Zhu

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