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方文静 fangwenjing_scu at 126.com
Tue Oct 22 23:16:03 CST 2013

Hi all,
It's my turn to give a talk tomorrow and the topic is about dependency parsing. 
Dependency parsing is similar to the parsing in a program language compiler, except the input here is natural language (human language), which makes parsing process a rather hard task . Dependency parsing is a hot research area and the parser can help to do some pre-process work in natural language processing projects.
In my topic, I will just give out a general idea of this area because of the time limit. If you're interested in this topic, I'm glad to talk with you after seminar~
Hope you enjoy my talk!
PS: The location is SEIEE-03-528, and we'll begin at 4 PM. At the end of seminar, Kenny will bring us a big surprise,looking forward to the fancy thing~

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