[Adapt] Milkyway Ready For Use

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Wed Dec 24 11:58:55 CST 2014

Thanks, kangqi.

The guest account on this server is

Username: adapt
Password: AD*****E

Please make good use of this server and run your memory intensive jobs there!


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</div>Hi All,

The new Linux server "Milkyway" is now ready for use! It have 128G RAM along with double CPUs.
The SSH port is 9022, you can use "ssh username at -p 9022" to log in, and alternative ssh clients are also OK.
Please contact me to get an account if you haven't got one. Have fun!

Luo Kangqi
ADAPT Lab, SEIEE 3-341
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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