[Adapt] Presentation of Rumor Detection

Ke Wu keer236 at 126.com
Tue Mar 18 23:07:34 CST 2014

Dear Adapters,


Our seminar will take place tomorrow at 4pm in room 3-528 and I will give
you a presentation of my project Rumor Detection.


The goal of Rumor Detection is to detect rumor from Sina microblog
automatically, which is based on machine learning and natural language
processing. My partner Song will first give you a brief overview of our
project as well as the background. Then I will talk about the features we
have found one by one, including sentiment analysis, retweet time score,
etc. After that, I will show you the results we have got so far. Finally, I
will talk about our plan in the future if time permits.


Generally, the presentation is easy to follow, since there is no complicated
formulae or other things. I hope you guys could enjoy it. Thanks!




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