[Adapt] Spring Break Event

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Thu Mar 20 22:36:55 CST 2014

Dear ADAPTers,

Spring is in the air! 

I propose to have a spring outing in the next couple of weeks. All members of ADAPT, including graduated members in Shanghai, are very welcome to join us in this party! I have asked around a bit and currently one preferred choice is to have a BBQ party at a local park (I have identified such a park which is quite nice and not very far from campus). I have bought a BBQ rack for this purpose also. I will pay for all the food. You are responsible to bring gaming or sporting goods to the park. Jack willl be the main coordinator for this event. 

Now, I would like to listen to your opinion about when to have this party and whether you have other better event or destinations than BBQ. Please reply by this weekend!



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