[Adapt] Research Page of ADAPT website

Kenny Zhu kzhu at cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Fri Mar 28 22:25:46 CST 2014

Hi Kangqi,

I would like to make some changes to the “Research” page of our website. I would like the two sections to be as follows:

“Data & Knowledge Engineering”

1. Action Conceptualization (Kaiqi, Zhiyuan, Yu)

2. Mind Drifting (Kailang, Keyang)

3. Question Answering (Kangqi, Dong, Jenny)

4. Source Code Topic Mining (Jacky, Yuanfei)

5. Causality Extraction (Jessie, Yuchen, Bowen, Yunchou)

6. Medical Information Extraction (Tianwan, David, Jinyi)

7. Wikification (past)

8. PredicTV (past)

9. Image Search (past)

10. Top-K List Extraction (past)

11. Set-value Data Anonymization (past)

12. Trajectory Inference Problem (past)

13. Probase (past)

“Programming Languages”

1. Probabilistic Programming (Xiao, Wei, Quanjing)

2. Speculative Nondeterminism (past)

3. Rich-IP (past)

For all the current projects, please contact the project owners for a one-para description and URLs for demo or any other detailed info to be included. Let’s aim to get this thing done within a week?



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