[Adapt] 3399 Machine @ ADAPT

gechen at sjtu.edu.cn gechen at sjtu.edu.cn
Sat Nov 1 15:11:23 CST 2014

Hi Adapters,

3399 is going to be updated on next Monday. The disks also need to be cleaned up by this weekend. If you have any useless files or non-actively-used files on 3399, please remove all of them and remember to back up. Or just send an email to me(gechen at sjtu.edu.cn) and tell me which files are okay to be removed or cannot to be removed. 

Besides, here are the names of personal folders on 3399. Please pay attention to this email if one of these files are yours. 
(D:) B1203392+姜凯+1120339055, Bean, elva, gongyu, Jack, Kailang, Kaiqi, Kangqi, SkyDownload, var, Yuchen, Zheng
(G:) Common, gongyu, kaiqi, kangqi, keyang, ProbaseLeft, TODOWNLOAD, Tianwan, Vega, Youer, Yunchou, Zheng, Zhiyi

I will remove all the useless files on Sunday night. So please reply to me or remove the files before 9pm on Sunday(11.2), in case some files are lost after cleaning up. Thanks!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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