[Adapt] [Seminar] Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

Xusheng Luo freefish_6174 at 126.com
Wed May 10 01:01:46 CST 2017

Hi Adapters,


Our weekly seminar will take place at 4:30 pm tomorrow, in SEIEE 3-404 as usual.


This time, I will give you a talk about Reinforcement Learning (RL). Unlike supervised/unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning allows the agent to learn its behavior based on feedback from the environment. Some of you may ran into reinforcement learning in textbooks or articles before. You may have known what is going on with reinforcement learning but don’t know much about the details. So, let me show you the detail of reinforcement learning, its core model and its general solutions by some interesting running examples.


This talk is very easy to follow. Hope you can enjoy it!




Xusheng Luo


ADAPT Lab, SEIEE 3-341

Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering

Shanghai JiaoTong University

800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai, China

Tel: (+86) 18516156174


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