[Adapt] Supplement for Relation Extraction

邢俊劼 jjxing at sjtu.edu.cn
Sat Oct 14 02:39:21 CST 2017

Hi Adapters,

                This Wednesday Yangyang gave us a great talk about Relation Extraction. It reminded me of a literature review I had done a month ago about the same topic. 

                So I decided to share my review with you through my blog. http://xingjunjie.me/2017/10/13/Relation-Extraction/

                In this blog, I introduce more than 10 approaches proposed to solve the problem of RE. From rule based methods to supervised learning, from simple NN architecture to complicated CNN with attention scheme, and the recent sequence tagging approach.

                I believe this blog contains almost all mainstream methods used to solve the problem.

                If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to comment at the end of blog. (powered by Disqus, so only available if u have access to the outside).

Best wishes,

Gavin 邢俊劼

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