[Adapt] Seminar: Sub tasks in question generation

kelsey 296402825 at qq.com
Tue Mar 6 21:16:06 CST 2018

Hi Adapters,
This time I'm going to share my new research direction with you -- question generation, an interesting task in natural language generation, and there two sub tasks in this task, one for generating from KB, the other for generating from raw data (paragraph or sentences).

Thus, tomorrow, we will discuss a little bit about Knowledge base and seq2seq model, and I will try my best to make a clear introduction about them.

There are two papers that will be discussed tomorrow:

1. Generating Factoid Questions With Recurrent Neural Networks: The 30M Factoid Question-Answer Corpus 

2. Learning to Ask: Neural Question Generation for Reading Comprehension

Have a good night tonight and a nice day tomorrow :)

Time: Wed 5:00 pm
Venue: Room 3-517 

See you then,
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